About Us


As a company with a predecessor from the Amain Online Language Center platform since May 2012 in Ginza, Tokyo Japan, the center has provided online language and skills training for hundreds of thousands of students in and foreign. Amain is the stepping stone for Amain International Education Development company which was born in February 2018. In March 2020, AIED began to connect with the US market and cooperate with Amazon corporation, Publishers in New York State.

As well as will launch branches with our services and products in the US State of Washington. We provide printed learning materials and support language training, strategy – skills at all levels of management, and CEO leadership. Design and compilation of document projects (production of learning materials) – educational and training equipment. Study abroad consulting, language translation and interpretation to support large customers as well as domestic and foreign students. We are associated with prestigious schools and units around the world such as Eurasian Financial Group, University of Cambridge, Oxford, California Riverside, Harvard library etc… and a number of agencies. Along with high-level, dynamic, enthusiastic multi-disciplinary and multinational personnel, combine to form a solid team to form the company’s mission.


It is to affirm to provide and activate business and learning opportunities for individuals, units and organizations to develop in the trend of globalization.


It is estimated that according to the background trend, present and future power of educational development in various fields continues to be unceasingly global, from thousands of years ago by the forerunner of mankind. and whether the economy is developed and civilized or not must be through comprehensive Education + Training. Closely associated with flexible Education and Training units with 7ED countries (education development countries: UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Newzeland). In order to catch up with the development trend of globalization with the G8 by 2030. Products, customers and units will be supported to integrate with the standard of preparation to develop their future in line with the regional vision. Southeast Asia will develop in line with the modern and integrated working life like developed countries such as the US, UK, Japan and European countries.


+ Excellent innovation orientation.
+ Quality products, professional services.
+ 6L = Live/ Learn/ Love/ Laugh/ Lead/ Lean (Live, learn, love, laugh, lead, commit).
+ Internationalization – Globalization (Harmony, Respect, No discrimination of race & geographical location).