On 15th August 2019, AIED – NGO has sent donations to local people in Thanh Hoa Province who suffered losses caused by storm Wipha on August 3rd.

On behalf of Amain International Education Development Company Limited, on 15th August 2019, Ms. Le Thi Hiep – General Director has visited and donated to Sa Na village – Na Meo and Son Thuy Commune, Quan Son district (Thanh Hoa province).

This is the fund to support people in the district to overcome difficulties after the recent flash flood, repair houses for poor households, helping people stabilize their life.

Other necessities including rice, books, pens, household goods and food are also delivered to the communes along with VND 68 million in cash to elevate the meal’s quality for the children. Taking over the donation, the families of the flood victims in Son Thuy and Na Meo Commune thanked for the very timely support from AIED.

The flash flood in Thanh Hoa Province has isolated many villages and destroyed dozens of houses.

Quan Son District is one of the hardest-hit places. The flash flood on August 3rd swept away 76 houses and destroyed hundreds of houses. 10 people have been killed or gone missing including children. According to the villagers, they have never seen such a damaging flood in the past decades.

Mr. Pham Van Tieu – Chairman of Na Meo Commune People’s Committee (Quan Son District) said, “We are working with other agencies and organizations to help the villagers. The donation is a huge help and has important meaning during such time. I want to express deep gratitude on behalf of the local authorities and villagers.”

Ms. Le Thi Hiep said, “With a high spirit of mutual support, I hope this could make up for the lost spirit and material for the people. We will constantly support with other issues such as education, culture, socialization and community health.”

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