Let’s join hands to prevent Covid-19

In the face of the complicated and unpredictable situation of the COVID-19 epidemic due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant when in close contact through a closed air environment, the Ministry of Health recommends that people not panic, proactively comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. 5K report, in which measures should be taken:
1. Limit going out unless absolutely necessary. Do not gather more than 2 people in public places.
2. Always wear a mask when going out, always keep a minimum contact distance of 2m with others.
3. Wash your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer. The living and working places must be well ventilated, and the surfaces of items should be regularly cleaned.
4. Strictly observe the implementation of isolation from houses, isolation of residential groups from residential groups, isolation of communes from communes, isolation of districts from districts and isolation of provinces from provinces.
5. Make medical declaration according to instructions at  tokhaiyte.vn; Install Bluezone application at:  https://www.bluezone.gov.vn
Contact the hotline of the local health authority or the hotline of the Ministry of Health 1900.9095 for advice and guidance when necessary.

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