About us

It’s born in February 2018, AIED was created based on the success of the Amain online languages center, http://amain.com.vn, founded at Ginza, Tokyo, Japan in May 2014.The web-based center can train hundred thousand of international and domestic learners online and is a core foundation of AIED Co. In March 2020, AIED has reached to America Market and has a great corporation with Amazon Group and Publishers at New York State. It’s going to launch our branches with our service and product at Washington state of America in 2021.We provide education and soft skills materials, and support training in language education, soft skills such as leadership and CEO management skills and business strategy. We write and distribute educational materials and equipment as well as provide consultation for learners who wish to study overseas. We also provide translation and interpretation services for potential customers and international and domestic language students. Our affiliates and partners include well known universities and international groups such as The Eurasia, Cambridge University, Oxford University, California Riverside, Harvard University and some departmental agencies. With passionate and engaged multinational and multilingual staff we have built a stable mission.

Our mission

To identify, provide and activate business and research opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to develop on globalization trends.

Our vision

According to the fundamental trend’s estimation, the educational industry still has been developing in various fields continues to take place around the world since thousans years ago. Although our economy is developed, society is still developing. The development must be come through comprehensive and intellectual education. We collaborate with flexible education and training agencies across 7 developed countries (UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand) in order to support Vietnam’s alignment with the trend of globalization (as modeled by the G8 countries) by 2030. Our products, customers and agencies will be supported and prepared for this future development. This is worth standing for. South East Asia (SEA) will develop rapidly towards modern working environments such as those seen in the US, UK, Japan and other European countries.

Core values

+ Excellent innovated Orientation.
+ Professional Service & Products Quality.
+ 6L (Live, Learn, Love, Laugh, Lead, Lean).
+ Globalization (Unity, Respect, Non-race, Non-area).