The Amain International education Development Liability Limmited [AIED Co., Ltd] is Called [AIED * AMAIN] focused on education industry aspects.  Its headquartered is located At No. Da Nang Building, No. 169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu str, Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay Distr, Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Representive office in A9. No 35/66 Dich Vong Hau str, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay Distr,Ha Noi Vietnam, As other co-office in Ho Chi Minh city, Sydney and victoria city in Australia, Tokyo and nagoya city in Japan,  Newyork, Washington state of America.

We are as strong value business engagement with Vietnam, Harvard, WU education USA,  EU, Oxford UK, Malaysia, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia and Vietnam.  We are developing our strongly innovated business strategies into new world, new trends with the modern size and with the professional experts. We could be, and we would like to serve you as

Our capabilities include:

  1. Create, Research

We’ve  creative solutions are what we love doing our best. Supporting small/ medium and large business owners even individuals to intergrate the flat global.  As the results through coaching, consultancy, training, writing your masterpiece   and Copywriting are where we shine.

To consult it’s that we can help with building capacity, attracting suitable cohorts, recruitment and training. We’ll help facilitate the growth you need to improve your bottom-line and increase your ROI and/or maximise the resources you have.

To writing and copywriting. Do you think you can’t write? Don’t have the time to write? Not even sure what to write and when? We’ll help you develop a sound strategy for your content across your business. We can promote and pulich and guarantee your Ip as long as possible.

To Coach is helping you to get you shining like a star, we’ll keep you accountable and hold your hand where you need it most. Whether it’s personal or business, content, writing, planning or setting up a new service, there’s a Tailor-made coaching package to help make those little jobs easier for you.

To create meaningful contents for your own products or company it will help yours expand your business to worldwide

To help you set your mindset goals. Inspiring lives & any others you should be consulted by us.

To create your own products all fields as logos, slogans even name of your organizations, firms as meaningful, unique ones.

To create your business plans, strategies, competitive advantages.

  • Researching we help you to have the best choices, options to make up your decision
  • Publication/ Publisher
  • Do you want to have your own books or any novels, masterpiece? Do you want to open your own bookstore business? Do you want to have any advices for your new ideas to create a meaningful content to make a book, textbook?

We can advise, consult you from A – Z ideas – contents & purchasing, sale.

  • As having professional experiences about publish your publication, we can assist you to have full competitive markets by local, digital, online & offline markets in Asia, EU & America.
  • The education and training linguistics.
  • We train teachers, teaching students from our various modern languages such as Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean and French.
  • All they are from the professional qualified teachers from their own native ones.
  • We can help you to communicate from basic level to advanced and fluent levels.
  • We have tought all these languages from online university visit us

Since 2012.

  • Business consultant
  • We have more than 20 business experts from around the world like in UK, US, ASIA & EU.
  • We can:
  • Planning your own business to global strategies/ Branding spot line.
  • Creating and develop Strategic orientation in business
  • The global business competitive strategic management
  • Developing and committing ROI
  • Differentiation is a strategy employed by businesses to increase the perceived value of their brand or product compared to similar offerings from their competitors. Being able to influence the buyer’s perception of value will naturally generate an advantage in the market. Moreover, the higher the value that your customers associate with your product or service, the higher the price they will be willing to pay. The question many organisations face is the following: how to build a perception of value? Organisations that successfully achieve focused differentiation, often by leveraging emotion as well as utility, can command a very high price for their products and services.
  • Competitive pricing is closely associated with the strategic differentiation model. How you price your product or service is of critical importance. The AIED has had years of experience in emergent markets where consumers are highly price-sensitive and competitive.
  • We can look through your own business to help you out off and manage risks to make ROI and help your business getting better scope/ revenues and margin.
  • Leadership & Innovation:

It’s a part of our important taste.

·       Are you qualified business leaders?

·       Are you (a business leader) struggling with new trends of future innovation challenging?

·       The strongly qualified business leaders.

As we have known business leaders who are struggling with various business models from other firms’ rules, local business or any other countries around the world. Such as languages, local culture, abandon business, rule and regulations business type etc.

–          Highly motivated leadership skills.

–          Being professional leadership skills

–          Being moral leadership skills

–          Being diversified leadership in business.

–          Being more flexible leadership skills.

–          Being gradually oriented leaders

We can help your business leaders to diversify their own better skills in their own business into unrelated sectors, segments of the economy of which they haven’t had experiences with their disastrous consequences. We can foster and coach multiple – culture, languages of the innovation in your organization. We can help you to create values, competitive advantages to flourish your business, assist you in making the core plans to nurture and grow your business goals.


  • Global Purchasing import/ export
  • We have had more than 10 years of assisting business owners to import and export the products which they required from Asia, UK, EU and US.
  • We can help you to know and understand more about im-export quotes. And assist you to win your contracts with your buyers/ suppliers by our professional negotiate experts.
  • Higher education innovation
  • AI/ EAI in mordern Bussiness Boost with new trends
  • New lives with futurists to avoid all risk to protect earth and your business.
  1. Green Earth
  1. JOB TRENDS IN 10-40 years [For Human] & [For Robots]

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